Last week we talked a bit about summer auto shipping services and what to kind of expect when shipping during the summer. We also covered a bit about the differences between shipping in the summer and the winter. So as summer is starting to wind down a bit, it’s a good idea to talk about what’s next in auto transport. More importantly, what you can expect within the near future if you’re thinking about shipping a vehicle.

What’s Next in Auto Transport?

There’s a lot going on in the auto shipping industry regardless of the time of year. Summer tends to be the busiest season, with higher traffic than during any other time of year. And though we’re still in the midst of the summer shipping season, fall is just on the horizon. And with the autumn comes route changes that can impact prices, carrier availability, and access to cities.

The great thing about summer is that it gives the people who need to ship a car both the time and the weather to do so efficiently. For starters, kids are out of school, so moving out of state becomes easier. Dealerships see more sales during the summer months, especially online. And carriers have access to lots of cities that get inundated with snow and ice in the winter. With fair weather and more time to ship, it’s no surprise that it’s the busiest season for auto transport.

Come fall, though, kids are back in school and temperatures start dropping across the country. This results in route shifts, notably to north-south snowbird routes as opposed to east-west routes across the country. This typically lowers prices along snowbird routes, as carriers have to compete against each other. At the same time, east-west routes tend to rise a bit in price. Not by much, mind you, but it’s higher than during the summer months.

A bit about snowbird shipping services

Snowbirds are a tremendous help when it comes to shipping cars in the fall. Even if you’re not shipping along a snowbird route, north-south routes in general see more traffic. This helps with carrier availability and typically lowers dispatch time for customers.

At the same time, most north-south routes pass by numerous east-west interstates. So it’s not a hard sell to get a carrier to go east or west for a time before heading back down south. Prices vary based on route and when you’re shipping, of course. And as we mentioned, east-west routes can see price increases. But they typically aren’t drastic and won’t affect carrier availability all that much.

Use Worldwide Auto Shipping No Matter the Time of Year

We’ll be talking more about winter auto transport services in the coming weeks. It’s still a ways out, so there’s plenty of time. Next week, we’re going to talk a bit about autonomous auto transport services and how they could impact the auto shipping industry in the coming decades, so make sure to stay tuned!

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