Open Carrier Auto Transport

In the car shipping industry, you have two main methods of shipping a car: open carrier auto transport, and enclosed carrier auto transport. Of the two, open carriers are far more numerous and, as a result, a lot easier – and cheaper – to find. It’s important to understand what the differences are between open and enclosed shipping services so you can make the best decision for your vehicle.


The basics of open carrier auto transport

You’ve likely seen open carriers on the road – they’re the trucks that look like they have a ton of cars just hanging off the back. They aren’t actually hanging; they’re well secured with heavy-duty chains, so they’re entirely secured.

But more importantly, open carriers can haul up to ten cars at a time. This is important because the more vehicles they can fit at a time, the less the carrier can charge per vehicle. This is a big difference between open and enclosed shipping, and a big reason why open transport is cheaper.

Being able to charge less per vehicle also keeps carriers more competitive, which is important. Along popular routes, there tends to be a lot of carriers willing to travel along them. This creates competition, and competition is always great for prices.


Why go open over enclosed?

You have a choice in regards to which carrier will be best for your vehicle. Naturally, you can ship enclosed if you want to. But while enclosed shipping tends to protect vehicles more than open shipping, it’s also more expensive. This is mostly because enclosed carriers are in lower demand, and they haul fewer vehicles than an open truck. These factors combine for higher prices and longer wait times. But enclosed can be worth it if the vehicle is expensive, rare, or valuable.

Overall, though, people are shipping the vehicles that they use frequently. Most cars start depreciating in value as soon as they start being driven, and there aren’t a lot of cars out there that are actually appreciating in value. So most of the time, open transport exposes your vehicle to the same rigors of the road that you expose it to every day when you drive it. For a vehicle like that, price tends to be the determining factor when it comes to shipping it.


Get the right services with Worldwide Auto Shipping

Regardless of what you’re shipping or when you’re shipping, Worldwide Auto Shipping can help you get it done. Our agents understand the differences between open carrier auto transport and enclosed shipping, and we can give you more details regarding each. More importantly, they can let you know which will be best for your particular shipment. So make sure to fill out our free online quote form to get an immediate auto transport quote, or give us a call at 888-505-2851 to speak to an agent. No matter what you do, Worldwide Auto Shipping can help you get it done.