Exotic Vehicle Auto Transport

Shipping an exotic vehicle can be as easy as shipping any other kind of car. But is that the kind of exotic vehicle auto transport experience that you want?

Let’s face it, exotic vehicles are expensive. Whether it’s a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or something even more exotic, you want to make sure that your vehicle is taken care of when it’s going across the country. And that’s why we pride ourselves on our exotic vehicle auto transport services. But it’s not enough to just say we’re good at it – let’s show you why Worldwide Auto Shipping is the industry leader in exotic vehicle auto transport services.


The basics of exotic vehicle auto transport

Just like when you’re shipping a classic vehicle, what kind of exotic vehicle you are shipping is going to impact what services you want to use. And while most exotic cars are still pretty and new, there are plenty of older exotics that aren’t.

For newer exotic cars, we typically recommend enclosed vehicle shipping services. This is especially true if you’re operating an exotic car dealership. Enclosed shipping services are going to protect exotic cars from the typical rigors of the road, which is important when you are transporting it.

But for those exotic cars that are older, or that are in need of restoration, you may not need an enclosed carrier. Of course, it’s up to you which you want to use – there are advantages and disadvantages to both. But if it’s an exotic car that you are restoring, or that really isn’t all that valuable (and there are plenty of those on the road), open shipping may be better.


About exotic vehicle transport pricing

The thing about shipping an exotic car is that it may get expensive. This is true regardless of open or enclosed transport, but definitely true when shipping enclosed.

While enclosed carriers protect vehicles from the elements very well, they are more expensive than their open counterparts. We typically feel that if your vehicle is not one that is driven daily, or one that is appreciating in value, you’re going to want to use an enclosed carrier.

But not everyone shipping an exotic car has the money for an enclosed car transport truck. And if that’s the case for you, don’t fret – open transport is safe and secure. However, damage to vehicles, often from inclement weather or road debris, has happened before. While we strive to work with carriers who are known for keeping vehicles safe, we cannot guarantee 100% that your vehicle will arrive without any damage with an open transport truck.

We recommend speaking to an agent about your exotic vehicle auto transport needs. They can explain more about what you are facing and what you can expect when shipping an exotic vehicle. More importantly, they can talk to you about price differences between open and enclosed carriers and help you find the right carrier for you.


Use Worldwide Auto Shipping for all your auto transport needs

No matter what you’re shipping, where you’re shipping, or when you’re shipping, Worldwide Auto Shipping is here to help. As industry leaders with decades of experience, we know all the ins and outs of shipping cars. Our prices are built to compete while also getting your vehicle shipped when you need it shipped. So make sure to fill out our free quote form for an instant quote. You can also contact our agents any time at 888-505-2851 to get a quote over the phone and more.