Enclosed Auto Transport

Like open carrier auto transport, enclosed auto transport is a shipping option that we at Worldwide Auto Shipping understand very well. As a car shipping option, it is the second-most popular method after open shipping, which is widely considered the standard method in the industry today.

Enclosed auto transport is pretty much what it sounds like – vehicles are shipped in a trailer that is entirely enclosed. This means that vehicles shipped with an enclosed transport truck are protected from the elements and arrive at their destination without dirt, grime, or debris on them.


Why use enclosed auto transport?

If you’re shipping a vehicle that is highly valuable, rare, or exotic, enclosed auto transport may be the best method to use to ship it. Though damage during transport is decidedly rare with an open carrier, it has happened in the past. Things like road debris are outside of the carrier’s control, after all, which is why every carrier is required to have insurance.

Sometimes, that’s just a risk you don’t want to take with your vehicle. This is especially true when it comes to things like show cars. But there’s more reasons to use enclosed auto transport than just shipping rare or exotic vehicles. What about ones you’re selling online? You don’t want to risk delivery of a damaged product to a stranger, after all. So enclosed shipping can be a great way to protect assets that are actually making you money.


How different is enclosed auto transport from standard shipping?

Enclosed shipping services are naturally more expensive than open transport because there aren’t as many on the road. But other than that, the process works exactly the same. When you book your shipment and request an enclosed carrier, we use the same process to find one that we would if we were finding an open carrier.

This also means that everything else is pretty much the same. You’ll still do a pickup inspection with the driver. You’ll still sign the Bill of Lading, and you’ll likely pay cash on delivery after doing the delivery inspection. The only difference is the type of carrier that the vehicle is transported on.

Now, in terms of pricing, enclosed transportation tends to be anywhere from 50-100% more than open transport along the same route. More popular routes see lower prices for enclosed shipping. Also, shipments from major cities like Los Angeles and New York tend to see lower enclosed shipping prices as well. This is mostly because of the high number of cars shipped that actually need enclosed transport trucks. Staying close to their major customer bases means more shipments and lower costs for customers.


Get your enclosed auto transport with Worldwide Auto Shipping

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