Classic Vehicle Auto Transport

Classic vehicle auto transport services are not the most common in the industry, but it’s not like no one ships classic cars. So it’s important, as an auto transport company, to understand what it takes to provide quality classic vehicle transport services. And at Worldwide Auto Shipping, we understand all the ins and outs of it.


The basics of classic vehicle transport

When shipping a classic vehicle, you need to ask yourself two important questions: what am I shipping, and what is it worth? Those two questions are going to very much impact the types of carriers you want to use and how much you’re going to actually pay.

Some classic cars are really expensive and hard to find and worth shipping enclosed. But the vast majority of classic cars are still relatively low-priced, as they were daily drivers even back in the day. So if you’re shipping something like an unrestored Ford Maverick, open transport will likely be just fine. But if you’re shipping a car like a ‘68 Corvette that’s completely restored, you may want to ship enclosed.


What to know with classic vehicle auto transport

When you’re trying to get quotes and figure out how much it’s going to cost, a little info goes a long way. So make sure to tell any prospective shipping company, including us here at Worldwide, if your classic vehicle is running or not. Make sure to let us know any special conditions it may have – classic cars can be finnicky. The more we know, the better we can price your transport.

Otherwise, shipping a classic vehicle is about the same as shipping any other vehicle. You’ll need the same basic information to get your quote and let us know if it’s running or not. It’ll be shipped on an open or enclosed transport truck depending on your needs. And it’ll cost about the same as any other vehicle shipped with an open or enclosed truck along the route.


Ship your next classic car with Worldwide Auto Shipping

Here at Worldwide Auto Shipping we pride ourselves on our great customer service and high customer satisfaction rate. We know how to handle any classic vehicle and can get you great rates to ship any vehicle anywhere. So make sure to fill out our free online quote request form. You can also contact an agent any time at 888-505-2851 to speak to an agent, get a quote, get your questions answered, and get started on your shipment.