The auto transport industry is very much seasonal. Summer auto shipping services are much different than winter shipping services, and it’s important to know why. More importantly, though, is understanding how your shipment will differ with the seasons.

This isn’t to say that it’s going to be so different as to be unrecognizable. The auto transportation industry works on the back of car transporters finding loads from brokers; that’s not going anywhere no matter what time of year it is. The differences between the seasons are much more minute than that, but they can have major impacts on various parts of your shipment. We’re going to be discussing a bit of those differences and what you can expect with them – and how we can still get you top-quality auto shipping services no matter what changes.

An Overview of Summer Auto Shipping Services

Right now, we’re in full summer shipping mode. But it’s definitely winding down. The summer auto shipping season usually starts in late June, though it can start earlier or a bit later depending on the year. There’s a lot that goes into why people ship their cars; that’s for another blog post. Suffice it to say, on average, the summer shipping season starts around the end of June and really picks up after the Fourth of July. By mid-July, it’s in fully swing.

So we’re still in the midst of the summer shipping season right now. But it’s going to change soon; by mid-to-late August, we start to see demand slow a bit. We also start to see snowbirds popping up – people who live in the north during the summer, and then go south during the winter to escape the cold. Then they ship back north in the spring to avoid the hot southern summers.

Snowbirds are actually a really important part of the transition process because they make up a fair percentage of vehicles shipped during the late summer and fall. This helps to mitigate route changes and lower demand, especially on east-west routes across the U.S.

Route changes as pertains to summer auto shipping services

It’s not just that demand falls; it’s also that route demand changes. During the summer months, there’s a lot of cars going all over the place. Because of the higher demand, more routes are more profitable, so carriers are willing to go a lot more places. But once the demand starts falling, some routes start to see their profitability fall. This can lead to price hikes and longer wait times for dispatch and pickup, especially along less-popular routes.

But with snowbirds, north-south routes become more common, which actually helps to mitigate price hikes on less-popular routes. At the same time, though, snowbird routes tend to draw more carriers. This can increase demand, which means plenty of low-priced shipments to go around.

Ship with Worldwide Auto Shipping No Matter the Season

Summer is easily the auto transport industry’s busiest season. And we’re still in the midst of it, so make sure to get your shipment started ASAP before the summer prices go away. But no matter the season, we can move your car for you. Just fill out our free online quote request form or give us a call at 888-505-2851 to get a free quote right over the phone. We have decades of experience shipping cars and we understand all the ins and outs of the industry. So no matter the season, we can help you get your vehicle moved.